over that

the best remedy would be friends .
have your friends take you out so that way you will have a somewhat clear mind. or at least your thoughts won’t be on you know who.
then analyze what they mean and how you have been treated.
then analyze how they carry the situation, empathetic or sympathetic.
Then you must remind yourself that you were living before and you will continue to do so. . if you don’t like how you were living before you know you can change that . .
you will be alright
good will come your way


a blaze

blazing the other side to burn even pressed upon her lips a teasin’

annoyed by the siren repeating but not giving her a reason –

to put the fire out

inhale to exhale out

and all noises shall cease harmonizing with inner peace

Woof! a Fire in the furnace A dog barking aloud , the d earnest

the fan blows and blows your ears The peace you had need reappear

Strike a light! Bright your sight

Ease your fear Be aware –

of the Fire.

You will get burned, your lesson learned

Strike that match …

It didn’t scorn it only burned. Seems my luck turned when I earned,

Another puff of that fluffy puff. Tasting the cloud straight huff

Falling on my butt, much cuff.We all fall down. GET UP

Get burned and protect your wounds. Healing, coming soon.


got herpes ?

Why am I so out there with my title? Why are people so out there with this sexually transmitted disease [ HERPES virus ] ?

It’s not only in the Glamorous Hollywood Life that Celebs are living in a cess Poole with all kinds of diseases and to make it worse , they don’t even know. To make it even worse, know but intentionally infect people. This happens in OUR world too. You know, non hollywood world. The real regular world.

” Cheaters never win . “- unknown

Somebody ends up hurt, pregnant, with a STD/STI , or even dead/killed. So don’t cheat. Take proper cautions if you’re promiscuous. If your partner is not satisfying your needs, then feel free to express that and make plans accordingly.

Responsibilty means being accountable for your actions. [ my definition ]

  1. About one in five U.S. adults and teens have had a genital herpes infection– and most don’t know it.
  2. Genital herpes is a chronic, lifelong viral infection. At least 50 million persons in the United States have genital HSV infection.
  3. People with genital herpes have at least twice the risk of becoming infected with HIV if exposed
  4. One out of four teens in the United States becomes infected with an STD each year and by the age of 25, half of all sexually active young adults will get an STD.

source : webmd.com

So you know what that means …


I can not put enough stress on how important learning about your own body before exploring somebody else’s is. Now, there’s no way of knowingunless you get tested. Sounds scary, I know right. Always afraid to get tested for anything, waiting for the results are always nerve wrecking. I still do what I have to do. So that I can continue to care for the ones that I love.

This is not a death sentence but a ticket for better health.

1 in 5 , that’s a lot of people. That means when you’re out with your group of friends, 1 of y’all have this disease or another ( Herpes is more chronic ) and you don’t know. Why? Because people don’t share this bit of information no matter how long y’all known each other, been friends, or holding hands. For the sake of embarrassment and it could be scary. Having to deal with this all by yourself. * (You’re only dealing with this disease by yourself because no one besides the doctor and CDC know what your status is).

You’re not alone

and you’re not the only person affected by Herpes.

In fact , we shouldn’t be worried about how much $$ someone spent on what have youse. We need to worry about, HERPES. It’s out there. Rapidly spreading like a gang. You could never get rid of it, it keeps replicating, ITS SICKLY. D4L. You won’t know if you infected, BECAUSE the person(s) you’re holding hands with probably Don’t know, or too afraid or too spiteful to tell you.

Don’t be ignorant to the fact.

Don’t find out when you’re about to give birth and now your baby is infected with the Herpes Virus. Don’t find out when you have blisters and sores on your genitals.

Find out now to prevent it , or to start your medication immediately.



Since I’ve been with my now Fiance , I have never looked at another man nor do I fantasize about one until we were watching TV ( Storage Wars ) and all that has changed. . .

He has a fine car collection too : ) [ that’s what I’m really in love with ]

Meet Barry Weiss:



There are some of us who throw pennies away. And there are some who search for pennies.

What does this say about who we are or what our status is?

If you throw away what someone else cherish , is it safe to say we only appreciate the bigger things? Perhaps there was a dollar on the ground. More than likely we will not leave it on the ground for the next person to discover. Why is that? Money is money. We all worked for every cent. Although it take 100 pennies to equal $1, it’s all spendable no matter the denomination. Many pennies on the ground, been through weathering and erosion. Left there as if it were nothing, didn’t matter. For the less privileged `

cop a penny