a blaze

blazing the other side to burn even pressed upon her lips a teasin’

annoyed by the siren repeating but not giving her a reason –

to put the fire out

inhale to exhale out

and all noises shall cease harmonizing with inner peace

Woof! a Fire in the furnace A dog barking aloud , the d earnest

the fan blows and blows your ears The peace you had need reappear

Strike a light! Bright your sight

Ease your fear Be aware –

of the Fire.

You will get burned, your lesson learned

Strike that match …

It didn’t scorn it only burned. Seems my luck turned when I earned,

Another puff of that fluffy puff. Tasting the cloud straight huff

Falling on my butt, much cuff.We all fall down. GET UP

Get burned and protect your wounds. Healing, coming soon.


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