Oh no , it’s a black person. That means they don’t know how to act, they’re ghetto, dumb, loud, and poor. Thank goodness for this show ‘America’s Supernanny’ on Lifetime. A black woman disciplining people’s children. Now, after all that of what a black person is, why are you asking them to help discipline your children? They (blacks) can be scary or “intimidating”. I wonder why she’s automatically “intimidating” and all she did was walk through the door. Black people don’t take crap. Most of them. White people do. So who’s a better raiser, the person who enforces free expression being care free? (Giving your child melatonin to sleep better). Or the raiser, who enforces right from wrong? (An occasional beating here or there). America’s Supernanny is great it puts people of color in a better light. It says they can actually do something and make a difference. Show people how you are not supposed to be mistreated. Have you take a stand on abuse of any way. Patience is the factor. Black people are not the above things I mentioned, their patience is wearing away. It’s a nail-biting experience. You know how one could act when one is fed up.

Quote of the day: “The easy way out is never the best route”- Deborah Tillman (America’s Supernanny)


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