earth yess

So what happens if we heat the polar cap from Mars so that the dry ice and its moisture can thicken the Earths atmosphere? How will it affect Mars? Could it actually work? We had an Ice Age, what new age are we forming to ? The Fire Age? Ouch. Okay so maybe Satan will take over and hell will rise. Or perhaps the Aliens will take over. Or maybe nothing will happen and the world will only be made up of those who strongly believe otherwise or gutsy enough to find out. Besides the people already planning their suicide. A real testament of faith. Could I go as far as prophecy. I’m a strong beliver of dreams. Sometimes we could dream a dream that doesn’t make sense. Its ahead of your time yet elaborate and full of details. Share this dream. Chances are someone will remember it, if you don’tSigns are everywhere. Its a gift to read them correctly. Now I don’t know whats going to happen. I will be one of many to find out I wonder if there are any Mayans left somewhere out there… we need answers. .

but in the meantime , we need to prepare ourselves for this “new age” whatever it shall be. With all the chaos in the world,things aren’t looking too cool. More like things are gonna just keep heating up.

We all need to take a chill pill and protect the ozone layer. Fight that People


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