over that

the best remedy would be friends .
have your friends take you out so that way you will have a somewhat clear mind. or at least your thoughts won’t be on you know who.
then analyze what they mean and how you have been treated.
then analyze how they carry the situation, empathetic or sympathetic.
Then you must remind yourself that you were living before and you will continue to do so. . if you don’t like how you were living before you know you can change that . .
you will be alright
good will come your way


One thought on “over that

  1. In LOVE says:

    you can not give less than you recieve especially with love a persons actions speak louder than there words when feelings security and peace of mind are concerned responsibile parties speak to the issues at hand and if the issues at hand are not addressed a party is forced to act or except the fact that they are sacraficeing all lifes comforts to make you happy

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