nature of the way

We as in people have a way with things. While nature has a way with us. Not just disasters I’m talking about but , the way people plant the community’s flowers so that it looks beautiful. But all in the act of vein we are serving our nature being the insects and bugs that are around our environments. Planting the flowers serves the butterflies , bees and other insects. Not cutting your grass will draw the mosquitoes. So in a way we can control the nature of things.

This probably makes no sense. You will not understand what I’m saying unless you actually take the time out of your day and smell the flowers and watch the path of a butterfly or other crawling bug. I mean really take the time and just go for a nature walk.

Its beautful, this chaotic world we live in.

Sometimes i wish people could feel at harmony with the birds chirpping in the morning and relaxed with the cricket sounds at night. And find peace, like sitting in the room with a fish tank or yoga that kinda peace with themselves.


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