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So I have been missing in action but I still exist. 

I’ve been exploring my mediums through art and hanging about you know..

Well recently I’ve been working on my ¬†accessory and jewelry¬†line. “ Kiata Royale¬ģ¬©¬† ” So far , I’ve been getting messy¬†rather¬†than having a product to show for. You know that’s how you learn ; through experience. I’ve been making silver 99 % from this clay ( art clay ) and once you heat it to a certain temperature it turns into silver 99 % of it. The only thing i wish is that i paid more attention in art class when it was pottery time. Seems to me once its hard, its hard to bring it back. Not impossible but hard, sticky, and messy. But hey the grass has to go through sh*t before it grows literally .¬†As far as the accessories are going they’re going great pretty easy technique to pick up. ¬†I’m excited and I may throw some unisex pieces and some his and hers collections. So if you’re ever looking for an eccentric or feminine gift for a ¬†woman of royalty stop by Kiata Royale¬ģ .

unique handmade jewelry by yours truly ,

Kiata Royale

so excited !!! ‚̧