Unorthodox so what

I’m a woman I take out the trash
I’m a woman I carry grocery bags for a long distance
I’m a woman I do dirty work like clean up shit
I’m a woman I carry heavy loads
I’m a woman married and I sleep alone
I don’t have a car
I catch the bus
And still get to where I gotta go
I’m a working woman I travel 2 hours to make minimum wage
I’m an educated woman getting underpaid
I’m a woman who has gloomy days
I’m a woman reflecting in her glory days
I’m a woman who us raising a son
I’m a woman who is not afraid
I’m a woman while my husband is away
Still taking care of her day to day
No things aren’t going my way
But I’m not giving up that would be too easy
I know some days it’s sunny and some days it’s breezy
I’m a woman sharing my struggles and telling you I understand
While depending on people is not part of the plan
Love each other instead
And god will bless you in the end