American Men

I’ve been approached with this idea by a man.

The idea was to conduct a class or even write a book. The lesson is helping woman connect with American men.

Flattered, so I will rise to the challenge.

Be on the look out.


Don’t Be Discouraged – Always Look Forward

motivation from a wise woman

Talin Orfali Ghazarian

In life when were going through life, a lot of people if not all people want to be a number of things when they grow up, they have ambitions, dreams, and talents. Everyone has different skills, needs, qualities, potential, and personal goals to attain and fulfill in life. Unfortunately some do not get to enjoy, fulfill and succeed in life because their lives were cut short and its a terrible thing.  Everyone has great qualities about themselves, and sometimes some people’s progress, and going to the next step takes a lot longer than others, but never be and let others discourage on how slow a progress you are making. At least you have continual progress that is not stopping and you are trying your best and doing your best. Always look forward in life. I know things in life happen without you least expecting it, traumatic and tragic things can…

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Upcoming project announcement

So for a while I wanted to do a documentary if that’s what it would be called. Featuring the homeless people I run into on the streets. Just to see how they got to the position they are in.

Maybe I put it off because I’m aware if the danger. And when I came up with this idea I was all but 14-15 years old. 10 years later and I can no protect myself in case things go wrong ..

But I’m ready to do it!

The purpose is to shed light but to hopefully stop more and more people from going down the same path..

I plan to take it further tho. And help in so many big ways. Ways that are bigger than myself. But that’s what’s inside me. It’s tickling my brain.

Welp, keep you posted on that project..

Not sure what I should title it just yet but I will cross that bridge when I get there ..