Homeless families need your help

lets focus on bigger issues people

Chris Martin Writes

Obviously, the huge issue for discussion today is the Duck Dynasty television show and how the main guy was let go from A&E. Truthfully, I’m pretty sick of reading and hearing about it. We found out today that there was a huge fire last night at an apartment complex just a mile down the road from One7. One7 still rents one unit there, and we know a lot of the families who call the complex home. Many of their kids come to One7.

Here is a link to the video about what happened.


I hope that after watching this, people will realize what’s truly important in this world. It isn’t people on a television show. It’s the people who are real, and have real needs. One7 wants to help these families get back on their feet in any way that we can.

Here is the status from our One7…

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Some days I feel high
Most days I feel as if I’m coming down
Most of the time I raise my voice
My frustration travels louder than kind words
I control it when I think I should
Then other days I don’t say anything
But then I’m only mad at myself because I didn’t.
I have no energy to battle anyone
I’m constantly at battle with myself
My perceptions are deceived
I’m unsure of what I should battle
And what I should let be be
Whatever my struggle I won’t let IT
Take over and get the best of me
Even when I’m blinded of my reality

Lessons learned


I have the New Bible App on my phone. Each day I share the verse of the day, it’s selected at random or maybe selected for you. Whatever the word is its for you and you embrace it. I catch public transportation and I read to my child to boost and encourage our day. Before we got off at our stop, a man said, Mother (no one ever used that to address me, so it was encouraging to myself) I love that you read the bible to your son. That is very powerful. Stay in that. I responded you got to, we need to know where love comes from.

I dropped my son off and went back to the bus stop awaiting my bus to head to work, god had this tree I was standing next to as I was talking to myself, (God records every word that you say) and he had leaves circle around me and I said thank you Lord. At that moment I came to my conviction .
I often resented or felt remorse that my son did not physically have a Father around. To show him how to be a Man. My husband who shared that role is currently away. All the time I battle how to teach my son to be a man without a man. All I knew was I’m going to raise him how I like to be treated as a woman. Show him ways like that.. But in that moment I realized that my son in fact does have a Father. He has the best Father of all, the Lord, King of all Kings, one who will never leave him, who will always be there, teach him right from wrong, and most importantly show him Love and how to live with Love. It’s beautiful. Not only did I encourage one person or maybe more, I encouraged myself through God. It hurts my soul, about these kids a generation after me. As well as adults before myself.I know that they are lacking love. So as long as I give my son something to stand firmly and believe in, someone who he can trust we will be blessed. We will be blessed. He knows who to turn to. And he’s very much into seeking his Lord his Father. He might not see him now but he will one day. And the best gift I could give to my son is love and for him to look forward to eternal life.

So I’m sharing only a fraction of my testimony not only to single mothers but every fatherless person. You do have a father. You just have to trust and believe in him and he will provide for you.

We must impart wisdom. It is the root of our behaviors.


Lessons learned, propaganda

Patrick Henry

Patrick Henry once said,

Give me liberty or give me death

I learned that in grade school. I never understood what it means until now. Well the depth of it. The country’s past leaders did not design the world we live in to give us liberty for all, they made plans to take it away.

It’s like just saying when you’re on a train and it’s stuck the conductor says its ok we will be moving shortly just to calm everybody down…

I often fantasize about having lots of children but the more I think about it the more my mind disagrees. I think about my children future and how it will be for them.. Horrific

When you open your mind to the truth you see. Things differently, a bunch of shit.

You then wish you were still blind and brainwashed into the television.

I want liberty for all not just my people but I’m not ready for death just yet..

RFID chips ..