Are you the reason I can’t sleep
Every night I’m up late
With my hands clinched between my gate
While my thoughts are running deep
I think you’re the reason I can’t sleep
I think about you and
How long it’s been
And how tight my walls are like a den
Just LikeThe den that I’m in
Are you the reason I can’t sleep
My eyes just won’t seem to close
No matter how I position myself
I realize I want to be felt
I need it Just like I need sleep
When are you going to stop torturing me
realize I need some help

Lessons learned, poetry, random

No more sleepless nights

I want people to know its alright to cry
It’s normal to feel
Of all the things that brought joy to your life
When you’re starting a new chapter in your life
It’s normal to be unsure of a lot
What’s not normal is holding inside
Your Pain
Caused by your thoughts
Or those sweet memories embedded
Is most of our fear
It will bring peace to your soul
No matter how hard it may hurt
You will learn everything you need to
You will no longer need to wonder
Or think of how your life could differ
Lets not fear the unknown
Lets meet the unknown
And move on or move forward

Go for it !