A fight for love

My mind blown, not at ease
Sippin’ on honey tea and whiskey
Eyes shot but not from haze
My heart walking in a maze
I’ve been waiting to hear you say
All the things you felt today
Happy you not just gonna throw away
All the love and joy we had made
It’s rejuvenating to see you fight for me
And all that we built for our family
I know it hasn’t always been easy
In fact it’s always been very challenging
But we persevered every waking day
Counting down til your release date
I know it’s coming as long as we pray
For our marriage and better days
I know I hurt you, I hurt myself
And honestly this is the worse I ever felt
A blessing you were able to forgive me
Driven my determination to fight for we
Together we belong united and happy
In God we trust so together we’ll be


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