Lessons learned, random


This morning as my son and I was waiting for his school bus, we were having small talk. As his bus approached I sent him off. One memory struck my mind. It was a time I shared with my mother. My memories with her are embedded because there weren’t many. I was raised by my father. The association came from the love my son has and the Pureness in his soul. I remember my mom frantic. I asked her what was wrong? Could I help? She told me she was looking for money. I’m not sure if I asked her what for. I do remember digging in between the couches, under the couches, and anywhere else my 5 year old self could fit. All I found was pennies. She gave me this look of defeat and compassion and thanked me. It was not enough. I learned later in my adolescence, why we were searching.

To find out why and more look out for my memoir.


Sweet honey, semi chocolate.

I wish the taste was as sweet as Honey.

Instead, its just sticky like so.

I wish the memory was pleasant.

Instead it is faint as if it expired.

Somehow I can’t taste the sweet Honey

Without getting sticky

I begin to think this is not good for me.

A reaction as if I’m allergic.

What happened to that pleasant aroma? 

Did it fade away like my goodness?

Or are my taste buds now bitter?

Na, they acquire a different taste

One that can’t be expired any day

Something like chocolate, 

The Darker the better

The only time it becomes messy is if I-

Hold on to it

I love to devour it. 

It awakens my sensuality.

It satisfies my cravings.

In my case-

i’d rather stay out of sticky situations 

And melt in someones mouth.

No doubt i’d rather, 

Walk in the dark 

Then in the light. 


-Kiata Royale


On A Quest I shall GO

I have decided I will go on a Quest. 

More like a Pilgrimage. 

I feel it is much needed as I am opening new chapters in my life. 



If you have ever gone on any quest of any sort, vision, pilgrimage, silent, organized, or what ever else kind of Quest there is, would you please share your experience with me? Such as, if you went alone, in group, your instructor, where did you go, what kind did you partake in, how long your journey was, and if it served its purpose. 

I am trying to gather as much information as possible. 


Thank you 

Lessons learned, poetry, random

Trapped within me by me

I am trapped
Within myself
I gave my key away
Emotions are disarray
Almost seen better days
An eclipse took that away
I need to dig deep
Inside myself
I’m the only one who could help –
I need to make a key
And keep it beside me
No longer will I give it away
Like myself my heart is in a cage
And I’ve been rattling and banging
Flipping over with all my rage
I’m not sure what I should do
Next time it has to be fool proof