Sweet honey, semi chocolate.

I wish the taste was as sweet as Honey.

Instead, its just sticky like so.

I wish the memory was pleasant.

Instead it is faint as if it expired.

Somehow I can’t taste the sweet Honey

Without getting sticky

I begin to think this is not good for me.

A reaction as if I’m allergic.

What happened to that pleasant aroma? 

Did it fade away like my goodness?

Or are my taste buds now bitter?

Na, they acquire a different taste

One that can’t be expired any day

Something like chocolate, 

The Darker the better

The only time it becomes messy is if I-

Hold on to it

I love to devour it. 

It awakens my sensuality.

It satisfies my cravings.

In my case-

i’d rather stay out of sticky situations 

And melt in someones mouth.

No doubt i’d rather, 

Walk in the dark 

Then in the light. 


-Kiata Royale


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