1st wasn’t all the worse.

May 3 2k14 was the day. It finally arrived. I was preparing for months. It seemed like the closer it became the less I slept and the more I worked like
Santa’s elves the night before Christmas. It seemed as if I still wasn’t ready. I wasn’t quite prepared. I wasn’t focused on what mattered most like packing my life my babies, (my creations) in the suitcase and making sure I had everything I needed. Such as change, charger,card reader, signs etc. Thankfully it didn’t hurt operation but still. Leaving to be en route was a rough start. Everything fell out my jewelry box, I couldn’t find this or that, I lost my mind. I had to arrive at a certain time, and I couldn’t stall any longer. I had to leave with whatever I had. Looking like bag lady herself, I wanted to not go. I arrived, still in chaos with less than 30 mins to spare to set up my table before they opened the doors to the customers. I made it.
I learned a lot. Which was good because I was testing the market. I learned how much of an “old soul” I have for real. People close to me tell me, but you know you don’t ever notice things like that. I have a few custom orders to follow up on, so although I may not have sold as much, or made as much as the company beside me or around the corner, I found some clientele, met great people, educated people about the products, and felt love. People appreciated that everything was handmade which gave me an edge and they looked at the jewelry for Mental Language differently. All in all it was great. It wasn’t until I got home when I busted my ass, and received a nice strawberry on my knee. Tripping out the door & tripping in the door. Thankfully I didn’t trip (literally) at the Overaccessorized Girls Night Out Event. I didn’t start small, I went big. This event was a fundraiser event to raise awareness for ovarian cancer through “Teal is a big deal” and breast cancer through Shays Sharpe Pink Wishes. It was advertised on channel 45 news. So it was big, especially for me. I got through it. I’m ready to do it again.


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