Watched Pots

I used to look at quotes like, “A watched pot never boils” and leave the kitchen thinking if I stare at the pot it would never boil. I thought that way until I noticed some people actions and reactions differ depending on who is “watching” them .. I remind myself of this saying especially when I meet new people and let them come into my life. I proceed with caution yet give people the benefit of the doubt.

My point, I don’t really have one. Things take time to develop in this case, it was my mind and how I interpret things as big as quotes.

After all, my interpretation could still be wrong but I’m not still shallow enough to think it’s really about a cooking Pot.


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Lessons learned, random

Laugh A Little !


Press Record

Sometimes in life, I wish I could press rewind. Then I remember some trials I had to go through before I could outlast the storm. So then I think, it’s better when you are moving forward in the direction you seen for yourself when you were drowning. Memories are good to hold on to, but progression is so much more important. Don’t spend all your time in the past.