I am not my hair

I remember one day working for Hooters I decided to give my hair some air. I used to wear wigs all the time. The manager called me into the office and asked me what was wrong with me? What was wrong with my hair? It was pressed but my hair is short. I didn’t understand what the issue was, I didn’t piss off any customers and work harder than anyone on my shift all the time. He told me I couldn’t come to work with my hair the way it was anymore. I was upset and explained to him, I got hired like this. He responded with, I wasn’t the one who hired you though.


Why do I have to spend my hard earned money for some hair that I already have? To fit into their standards of what looks good or safe. Thats why. Is that fair? You’re hair in a workplace shouldn’t matter if its natural or not, as long as its groomed.

And here I am, about to do yet another social experiment. I’m not wearing a wig and I’m about to attempt to get a job .. I wonder what will happen.


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