Lessons learned, poetry, random

Trapped within me by me

I am trapped
Within myself
I gave my key away
Emotions are disarray
Almost seen better days
An eclipse took that away
I need to dig deep
Inside myself
I’m the only one who could help –
I need to make a key
And keep it beside me
No longer will I give it away
Like myself my heart is in a cage
And I’ve been rattling and banging
Flipping over with all my rage
I’m not sure what I should do
Next time it has to be fool proof


A fight for love

My mind blown, not at ease
Sippin’ on honey tea and whiskey
Eyes shot but not from haze
My heart walking in a maze
I’ve been waiting to hear you say
All the things you felt today
Happy you not just gonna throw away
All the love and joy we had made
It’s rejuvenating to see you fight for me
And all that we built for our family
I know it hasn’t always been easy
In fact it’s always been very challenging
But we persevered every waking day
Counting down til your release date
I know it’s coming as long as we pray
For our marriage and better days
I know I hurt you, I hurt myself
And honestly this is the worse I ever felt
A blessing you were able to forgive me
Driven my determination to fight for we
Together we belong united and happy
In God we trust so together we’ll be



Are you the reason I can’t sleep
Every night I’m up late
With my hands clinched between my gate
While my thoughts are running deep
I think you’re the reason I can’t sleep
I think about you and
How long it’s been
And how tight my walls are like a den
Just LikeThe den that I’m in
Are you the reason I can’t sleep
My eyes just won’t seem to close
No matter how I position myself
I realize I want to be felt
I need it Just like I need sleep
When are you going to stop torturing me
realize I need some help

Lessons learned, poetry, random

No more sleepless nights

I want people to know its alright to cry
It’s normal to feel
Of all the things that brought joy to your life
When you’re starting a new chapter in your life
It’s normal to be unsure of a lot
What’s not normal is holding inside
Your Pain
Caused by your thoughts
Or those sweet memories embedded
Is most of our fear
It will bring peace to your soul
No matter how hard it may hurt
You will learn everything you need to
You will no longer need to wonder
Or think of how your life could differ
Lets not fear the unknown
Lets meet the unknown
And move on or move forward

Go for it !


a blaze

blazing the other side to burn even pressed upon her lips a teasin’

annoyed by the siren repeating but not giving her a reason –

to put the fire out

inhale to exhale out

and all noises shall cease harmonizing with inner peace

Woof! a Fire in the furnace A dog barking aloud , the d earnest

the fan blows and blows your ears The peace you had need reappear

Strike a light! Bright your sight

Ease your fear Be aware –

of the Fire.

You will get burned, your lesson learned

Strike that match …

It didn’t scorn it only burned. Seems my luck turned when I earned,

Another puff of that fluffy puff. Tasting the cloud straight huff

Falling on my butt, much cuff.We all fall down. GET UP

Get burned and protect your wounds. Healing, coming soon.