Lessons learned, propaganda

Patrick Henry

Patrick Henry once said,

Give me liberty or give me death

I learned that in grade school. I never understood what it means until now. Well the depth of it. The country’s past leaders did not design the world we live in to give us liberty for all, they made plans to take it away.

It’s like just saying when you’re on a train and it’s stuck the conductor says its ok we will be moving shortly just to calm everybody down…

I often fantasize about having lots of children but the more I think about it the more my mind disagrees. I think about my children future and how it will be for them.. Horrific

When you open your mind to the truth you see. Things differently, a bunch of shit.

You then wish you were still blind and brainwashed into the television.

I want liberty for all not just my people but I’m not ready for death just yet..

RFID chips ..